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Squidoo Lens Creation Service with Promotion in Lahore, Pakistan.

Increase your web presence by creating a Squidoo Lens for your website.

In order to make use of Squidoo for getting links for your website, you must understand how Squidoo works. Squidoo uses tags to categorize the user created pages, or 'lenses' as they are called. Whenever a user creates a Squidoo lens, tags must also be created for each lens. All of the user-generated lenses are linked to tag pages, which are in turn linked back to all the lenses that use the same tag. This is how automatic links are generated for the lens you create in Squidoo. Your Squidoo lens' PageRank increases because of the links it automatically receives from the tag pages!

It is a known fact that links from authority sites are more valuable than links from non-authority sites. Squidoo is one such authority site, and helps you achieve a higher ranking. Authority sites are simply credible online resources on a given topic, which have other websites linking to them on the strength of that credibility. When Search Engines notice links from an authority site like Squidoo, the credibility of your own site increases. This is what makes a Squidoo lens so valuable for creating quality links.

Squidoo Lens Creation Service with Promotion in Lahore, Pakistan.
Key Features
Squidoo Lens Creation Service with Promotion in Lahore, Pakistan.
Many search engines (including Google) like Squidoo lenses, and because of this you can get indexed relatively faster for your keywords if they do not have extremely high competition.
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In addition, most article directories are willing to allow you to connect to your Squidoo lens pages from the article resource box. Therefore, you can easily use your Squidoo lenses for affiliate marketing and promote your Squidoo lenses through article marketing. This is a round about way of promoting our affiliate links, because in most article submission sites we cannot use our affiliate links in the resource box.
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If you want to boost your Squidoo pages further, you can join Squidoo groups. This will generate extra links from other Squidoo lenses and assist in enhancing your search engine rankings.
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It is also possible to make extra money using Squidoo, which is one of most the highly visited websites with good search engine rankings.
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The Squidoo lenses we create for you will include a minimum of one 500 word article, pictures relating to it, and four to six other modules besides the link that you would like us to include.
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This service will also include promotion in all popular search engines including Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alexa, AOL, Ask Jeeves etc. In addition, you will also get over 1000 back links over a period of time.
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Our promotion will get instant traffic to your Squidoo lens. Besides that, you will also get good Squidoo lens-rank and a large number of back links from various quarters of the internet thereby increasing your Google PageRank from PR0 to PR4 or better.
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Squidoo lenses help you generate sales and huge traffic. However, the choice of your niche also plays a great role in revenue generation.

Once your Squidoo lens is created we'll promote your lens on Top Social Bookmarking sites to increase the popularity of your lens.

1. Who'll create my Squidoo Lens?
A. We have content writing experts who will create a unique Squidoo Lens for you.
2. How many words will my Lens have?
A. A minimum of one unique 500 word article will be included in your Squidoo lens. Related pictures will be inserted in the Squidoo lens that we develop.
3. How many Keywords can I promote on one lens?
A. You can promote up to 10 Keyword or key-phrase.
4. Do I get the ownership of Lens once the work is complete?
A. After the completion of the work, the lens will be submitted to you to be under your control henceforth. You are free to make all the changes you like and to use it in whatever way you like.

Squidoo Lens Creation Package

Package Name
Total no. of Submission
Duration (Days)
No. of Reports
7 Days
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